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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 20, 2010 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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>> craig: that's right. >> mike: the other way, you're in the locker room celebrating. smith is deep. and they'll go with the squib kick. to keep it away from him. and maryland will only get -- the tight end back to the 40 yard line. now for today's big picture brought to you by sony. nc state has to beat maryland next week to clinch the acc's atlantic division and go to the conference championship game. if nc state loses to maryland, florida state would go in. virginia tech earlier today clinched the acc coastal division. they're undefeated in the acc. and they will play for the title.
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how about the job frank beamer and his staff did after that 0-2 start and a loss to james madison? regrouped. >> craig: you're talking about a football team that's a couple snaps away from being undefeated. the most, one loss and a top team. >> mike: frank beamer has gotten it down brilliantly at virginia tech over the long haul and if anybody could pull 'em out of that early season disaster, it was him. >> craig: and for coach wilson, i mean, this whole conference has been one this season where you're like, now, what's going to happen, who's going to take on, who's going to be the team? so here we are, down to the last weekend. >> mike: hope you'll stay tuned for the ford wrap-up after the game. log on to bcs to get a chance to win the ultimate tail gaet f-150.
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while maryland is going to leave this field disappointed with what happened tonight but not with their effort and certainly not with the turnaround that they've had this year. as a football team. to be able to be part of the conference championship game discussion until this date in november is pretty remarkable turnaround for a team that was 2-10 last year. tom coughlin and his coaching staff, they'll be excited with russell wilson, their quarterback, to come in here, see if they can't finish it off next weekend. >> mike: and jimbo fisher lives to fight another day. he's had a series of nail biters, hasn't he? o'brien. screen. >> craig: yeah, but jimbo fisher's done a heck of a job as
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well. >> mike: devontae campbell, one of the tight ends. >> craig: we've watched him, how he's navigated through some disastrous finishes. >> mike: yes, sir. last play of the game coming. o'brien throws complete. short of the end zone. and that's it. florida state pulls one out on the road. and is one game away from playing for the acc championship. maryland goes down fighting at home, 30-16. and ralph friedgen who found out yesterday that he will be guaranteed a return for his 11th season in college park, the last year of his current contract, obviously very disappointed to walk off the field tonight. florida state, 6-2 now in the conference. nc state also with two losses. if nc state comes here and beats maryland next week, they go to
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the championship game. if maryland wins, florida state would go to the championship game. finally, it gets down to something that's that simple. florida state earned it tonight. >> craig: i know the terps are disappointed but they showed a lot of character. they played against a very good football team and congratulations to the florida state seminoles for enduring. >> mike: our final score, florida state, 30, maryland, 16. for craig james and our entire crew, this is mike patrick saying so long from college park, maryland. thanks for watching, everybody. now, let's head to robert flores with college football's ford wrap-up show. >> thanks, mike. the virginia tech hokies, one of the hottest teams in college football. they dropped the first two games of the season. boise state and james madison. since then, they've been unbeaten and stayed that way
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tonight, thanks to a 31-17 win over number 24 miami. brian williams, 84 yards. 142 for the game. and the hokies clinch the coastal division. they'll play in the acc championship game. their opponent yet to be determined. the wolfpack beat north carolina 29-25. now, next week if nc state beats maryland, they're on to the acc title game. if they lose, then it's florida state. to the big 12. nebraska. all sorts of problems with a raucous kyle field tonight. a&m gets the win. the game-winning field goal. bo pelini furious with officials most of the night. the aggies get the win 9-6. that nebraska loss keeps missouri's hopes for a big 12 championship appearance still alive. missouri blanks iowa state 14-0. in the big 12 south, it's a winner take all showdown next week on prime time on abc. oklahoma state and oklahoma. the winner plays in the big 12
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championship game. and on to the big ten. ohio state comes from behind to beat iowa this afternoon in iowa city. dan herron, fourth quarter, with his team trailing, one-yard plunge, buckeyes come from behind to win 20-17 over iowa. that sets up this. it all comes down to next week in the big ten. wisconsin will host northwestern. ohio state will host michigan. michigan state is at penn state. if all three win, the bcs berth goes to the highest ranked bcs team. which right now is wisconsin. all games can be seen on the espn family of networks. that will do it for the ford wrap-up. we'll see you next friday for west virginia and pittsburgh. glory days tale from look, if your best football story is some a two-hand touch pickup game, do your friends a favor: enter the ford f-150 bcs tailgate sweepstakes.
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fatal collision. >> he was going to dinner with his family, trying to have a good saturday night. >> an argument turns deadly for another family. a virginia teenager is killed walking home from school. the late breaking details in the case. >> this is a glorious day. >> the pope elevates washington's archbishop to the
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college of cardinals. captioned by the national captioning institute tonight, one person is dead after a terrible collision in silver spring. it all began with a couples fight and and with a car crash into a stranger. john gonzalez explains. this is a tragic story. >> is very unfortunate. the horrible accident occurred about a mile away, but it started at this high hot -- at this ihop behind us. the man was arguing with his girlfriend and took off with their baby girl. she called the police and they found him on powder mill road. he refused to pull over, instead, losing control and colliding head-on with an issue is a rigid colliding head-on with a vehicle. am i have never seen a car that
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bad. >> relatives rushed to the scene to find out that a loved one was killed, others injured in this horrific crash. many on the scene were shocked any survived, especially a small baby. >> the police say this afternoon there was a domestic problem involving the driver of this green fan and a woman being questioned. >> officers followed the boyfriend onto cherry hill road, attempt to stop him. he failed to stop, crossed the double yellow line. >> minutes later, turning deadly for an innocent family in this shredded suv. >> that should be a murder charge. >> one man said his cousin and his family were headed to a nearby restaurant. was your cousin killed? >> yeah, he was headed to dinner, in the backseat. >> seconds after the accident, the police broke the window of
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the van and arrested the driver. victor fernandes, working just feet away, heard the sirens and the massive impact. he rushed over with a fire extinguisher. 46-year-old terrance blackwell of hyattsville was killed instantly. his girlfriend, son, and daughter are in serious condition, as is the driver of the van. the 11-month old baby was medevaced to children's hospital. it charges are pending. following new developments in the murder of a virginia and teenagers. hours ago, the police arrested two people in the fatal stabbing of the 15-year-old. miguel hernandez was killed while walking home from school on friday.
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the two arrested are both teenagers themselves. >> the police have arrested two teenaged boys, an 18-year-old and a 17-year-old. the specific motive has not been made public, but the police say it is a gang-related. with heavily armed police standing by, detectives are searching the manassas home of martinez, one of two suspects accused in the stabbing death of miguel hernandez. >> i am very appreciative of all the people praying for my son. >> flowers, candles, and tears, the family trying to understand why the suspect would kill the 15-year-old in broad daylight walking home from school. >> when the police arrived, they told me he had been stabbed with a knife. that hernandez had just left osbourn high school when he was attacked by a group of latino
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males that included martinez and a 17-year-old juvenile suspect from fairfax who is also in custody. >> two wasted lives. >> another witness saw a nurse run over to help. >> she tried to revive him as best as she could. >> hernandez died at fairfax hospital. the teenager known very well in school. >> it is very sad. he did not deserve to die. >> as his family grieves, an urgent plea from his mother for young people to be on alert. >> tomorrow, we don't know who it could be. it could be anyone. >> as hernandez was treated at the scene, he told me what is he could identify his attackers. the suspects face murder and gang participation charges.
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the family appreciates the hard work of the police, but now the families are all suffering. richard reeve, abc 7 news. also in prince william county, two people are dead after a man high on drugs crashed into a woman on u.s. 29. the car that was struck burst into flames. two of the three passengers died at the scene. carlos lucas is charged with driving under the influence of drugs. the police believe he was high on pcp at the time of the crash. a woman was attacked in montgomery county, and the police are trying to figure out if it was connected with another assault on georgia avenue. the 52-year-old woman was walking on the sidewalk just before 1:00 a.m. when she was dragged into a wooded area and raped. the police believe this man sexually assaulted a 30-year-old woman near connecticut ave.
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anyone with information should call the police. it the president is back in the district after wrapping up the summit in portugal. the afghan war dominated the meeting, with president obama outlining the next phase. over the next four years, the u.s. military foot. in afghanistan would be significantly reduced, he said. >> my goal is to make sure by 2014 we have transitioned, afghans are in the lead, and is the goal to make sure that we are not still engaged in combat operations of the sort we are involved with now. >> the president said the transition in afghanistan would resemble the one and iraq with u.s. forces shifting from a combat mission to a training and support role. he avoided setting a deadline for troop withdrawal. for the first time, the president addressed the tsa security measures.
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president obama said he understands people's frustrations and has asked if there is a less invasive way to screen passengers. he says that experts tell him that for now there is not one. today, washington's archbishop received one of the highest honors, being elevated to the league college of cardinals. at the ceremony happened this morning. it was an elaborate ceremony at st. peter's basilica in rome. >> it is a glorious day. the basilica was filled with people, who were here to support their car bomb. >> pope benedict xvi -- they were here to support their archbishop. pope benedict xvi elevated him to cardinal. the second most powerful position in the catholic church. at home, parishioners watched
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the historic ceremony with pride. >> i watched the whole thing. >> as cardinal, he will be called on to advise the pope and choose the next one when the time comes. supporters hope he is destined for the papacy next. >> he will be open to that position, also. >> he has shared the pope's permission to the teachings of the church. his red birettas is symbolic of the special bond to the pope. >> the holy father is placing the red hat on each of the cardinals as an indication of their special tai to him. every believer has a tie, every catholic has a connection to the pope. >> he was one of two americans elevated to cardinal today. he will return to washington early next week.
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what can we expect the rest of the weakened what the weather? steve rudin has the first forecast. >> the temperatures will continue to fall overnight, but clouds will keep the temperatures from getting a lot cooler. at this hour, 52 degrees at reagan national airport, the cold front passing through not amounting to a lot. the focus off to the western part of the u.s., a series of storms will eventually bring a big cool down, just in time for the big thanksgiving travel time. for us, mainly clear skies, the high-pressure selling back across the area. clear skies overnight. tomorrow will be cooler compared to day, back near 70. thanksgiving forecast, showers and a big cool down friday. details coming up. i coming up, stunning
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revelations. a pastor who called facebook a portal to infidelity has a major admissions of his own. and next, race against time, rescue efforts for trapped miners in new zealand that are delayed. also, w
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poisonous gases are keeping rescuers from entering a coal mine in western new zealand where 29 miners are tracked. there was an explosion thursday night, but there has been no word from some of the minors. fresh air is being pumped into the mine. officials still have hope they are alive. pope benedict is changing his position on condom use. he says it is justified in some instances, such as male prostitutes trying to stop the spread of hiv. church teaching has long opposed condoms as a form of artificial contraception.
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detectives are looking to several theories about the murder of a veteran hollywood publicist who was shot to death last week after attending the premiere of a movie. the mayor of beverly hills said at the shooter may have fired from another vehicle, not from the streets or sidewalks. >> i cannot say exactly what happened, but we're looking at all possibilities. >> investigators are scrutinizing her background, talking to friends and schering e-mail and phone logs. a service will be held for her tomorrow. new information about the new pastor who called this book a portal to infidelity. he told leaders to delete their facebook accounts or resign. he said he once had a three-way
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sexual relationship with his wife and a male pastor. politico reports a federal judge has ordered a website to remove on authorized records and excerpts from sarah palin's new book, scheduled be released tuesday. harpercollins is suing the website for copyright infringement. thanksgiving, five days away, but in montgomery county they celebrated early with the 13th annual thanksgiving day parade. and the redskins marching band performed as well, along with several high school marching bands. they had a nice day. >> what a day, the temperatures about 10 degrees above average, not the norm this time of year. we're looking for changes the upcoming holiday travel week. looking outside, pennsylvania
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avenue, the skies are mainly clear. we had a weak cold front moved through. now we have a change in wind direction, and temperatures may be in the middle fifties tomorrow. the weatherbug, 51 degrees gw university, high of 66. alexandria, 49 degrees. the final stop, potomac, 39 degrees. temperatures and eventually fall to around 34, 35 degrees overnight. the almanac page today, 56 degrees the high at reagan national -- 66 degrees a high at reagan national. the temperatures outside at this hour, it is cold out there, 34 pittsburgh, 34 buffalo. if your looking for the really cold there, head out to the west. at 21 degrees, fargo. this will eventually make its
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way our way, but we have to wait for the end of the upcoming work week. friday, high temperatures in the middle 40's. this will impact us the upcoming week. wednesday and thursday. all the showers, snow showers, eventually moving towards the east. we're not looking for snow across the immediate metro area, but thursday or friday we could be looking at lake effect snow across ohio and western pennsylvania and western maryland. the good news for us, it will just be showers as the temperatures remain well below average. thursday, thanksgiving day and friday of the upcoming weekend. the next 48 hours, clouds increase through the day tomorrow. the cold front arrives tuesday. another thursday. the high pressure builds and would look for the skies to clear. we have a bumpy week and had in terms of temperatures and showers, and then a nice warmup.
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a little bit of everything. it mainly clear and cold overnight, 35-42 degrees. tomorrow, partly sunny, the temperatures 52-57 degrees. the extended outlook, monday and tuesday look great, 63 degrees, the temperatures looking fine, near 70 the high. the cold front, moving through wednesday. it increased clouds, chance of showers. another frontal system thursday. black friday, i know you are gearing up for it. waiting in front of the electronics store. it will be cold, especially for those people who get out there at 2:00 in the morning. a bundle up. >> words of warning. up next, the hottest
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natural history museum to see the hope diamond. it was unveiled thursday in a modernized necklace. the hope diamond will be shown in this setting for a year before it is returned to its traditional setting. >> have you seen it? >> i have. always the main attraction. we had a big day of college football. college football with post- season implications, right here on abc 7. maryland trying to keep their hopes for the acc championship alive.


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